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  • Genealogy Do Over Cycle 1

    Genealogy Do Over Cycle 1

    It was serendipity. Thomas MacEntee’s Genealogy Do Over arrived in December 2014. Just when I had bedded down using Legacy Family Tree‘s To-Do Lists, my tablet, my camera and a USB drive instead of my trusty pen and notebook. When I was despondent. When all I seemed to have were insurmountable brick walls. Just when […]

  • Genealogy Do Over – Week 10

    Firstly, I was really proud to receive an invitation to include the GeneaBloggers badge on my blog site. It is nice to have this recognition as part of the Genealogy Do Over. Because it is well overdue to do so and because it is preparation for DNA next week here is my Charles Baulch Family Tree created […]

  • Genealogy Do Over and Legacy

    Thank you to those of you who asked how I envisage using Legacy’s To-Do Items as part of my Genealogy Do Over research log. Here is my view of my April Article for VicGUM’s newsletter. The article was written in response to questions I have been asked about how I use Legacy’s To-Do List as my […]

  • Genealogy Do Over – Reflection

      “Great success requires long term patience” Gideon Haigh about successful Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglu, ABC Offsiders 1 Feb 2015. BACKGROUND I had such plans for my retirement. Or so I thought. Finally, I would be able to tell some of the family stories I have gathered over the years. No so. It just hasn’t […]

  • Genealogy Do Over – Week 2

    In my interviews for Genealogy Do Over Week 2 I returned to when I started collecting my family stories.  I went back to my first official family history visit which, coincidentally, involved going back to my first home, Squattleseamere. For my second interview I went back to the time of big shearing teams at Dunmore. I looked […]

  • Genealogy Do Over – Week 1

    SETTING RESEARCH ASIDE Research is the course of action I undertake in order to find and gather my family stories. Research is the process I use to find Sources from which I extract my family stories. There have been ground shifting changes since I began researching my family stories.  Most notably I now use digital […]