My stories are about people and the things that happened to them and are generally set in the context of the time and place in which they happened. My stories are gathered together in my family tree. Somewhere. If only I knew just where.

Family Tree for Charles Baulch and Ann Beddlecombe

 My Baulch Family Tree


Because I grew up hearing stories about my Baulch relatives who had lived in the area for many years  – including stories about those Grandpa Baulch remembered shearing in the Dunmore woolshed (just about everyone it seemed) and stories my Auntie Pearl told while teaching me to play Euchre. I also wondered about Uncle Henry as I stopped by his orchard on my way home from school to pick the blackberries as I walked my bike up the side of an extinct volcano.
It has taken years and years and the contributions of many Baulchs for me to get a sense of how all the individual Baulch family trees fit together. I’m not going to mention names here as I am afraid that I shall leave out more than a few of the contributors to the construction of the tree. Some have contributed a lot and continue to do so. Sometimes even just a little titbit was sufficient to scale an insurmountable brick wall. Perhaps should I forget about brick walls and grade my research problems in terms of the long hill up the side of the volcano on the way to school and the short steep hill on the way home?
About 2010 I was told it wasn’t possible to create one large chart of the Baulch family trees. It took me a year or so and more than one genealogy software package to create a four generation descendant chart for my great-great-great grandparents Charles Baulch (1767- abt 1816) and Ann Beddlecombe (1779 – 1860):

Of course, it was out of date as soon as I printed it! So please check any information you may use against original sources – more of which are still becoming available.


But more importantly enjoy!