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  • Lieutenant John Learmonth of the 2/3 Australian Field Regiment

    Lieutenant John Learmonth of the 2/3 Australian Field Regiment

    At the end on Crete he took to the hills, and said he’d fight it out with only a revolver. He was a great soldier … “I wonder,” mused my brother a few years ago now, “whether things would have been different if we had had uncles.” I stopped short. I treasured my two aunts. […]

  • Gunner Holmes Part 1

    Gunner Holmes Part 1

      On 15 August 1914 the 1st Division was initially formed as the Australian Imperial Force (AIF). In the August offensive a year later the 1st Division’s role was to hold the front line and conduct a diversion at Lone Pine. A further year on in August 1916 Gunner Holmes, recovered from injuries incurred at Lone […]

  • Canberra Congress – Emigration

    The gate by the milking shed was left open. So just for a few days my horizons have changed from looking at land selection records in South Western Victoria – mostly within the triangle Portland, Hamilton and Warrnambool for that is where my ancestors settled. The vista and the beckoning horizons were set there right […]

  • Canberra Congress – DNA

    Wholly moley! I have attended two lectures by Kerry Farmer with regards to DNA testing for genealogists. My, have I dipped my toes into a very deep pool. There seems to be far more we can do besides determining that Eliza Ann Porter’s maternal line is part of the J1c9 haplogroup (see my previous post […]