Canberra Congress – DNA

Wholly moley!

I have attended two lectures by Kerry Farmer with regards to DNA testing for genealogists. My, have I dipped my toes into a very deep pool. There seems to be far more we can do besides determining that Eliza Ann Porter’s maternal line is part of the J1c9 haplogroup (see my previous post of 24 March 2015). I am completely confused about X chromosomes from the nucleus and X shuffled chromosomes from the mitochondria but fortunately Kerry Farmer has written a book. So I have some homework to do.

A connection to a descendant of Charles Baulch (brother to Francis and Enoch Baulch) stopped by this afternoon to look at where they fit on our big family tree. Congress a success. I would have hated to go home without meeting at least one Baulch connection.

As for the rest about Congress that must come later.