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  • Wool staplers and wool classers

    Wool staplers and wool classers

    The 1891 shearers’ strike is just one consequence of the many pressures applied to the wool industry which has been in decline since Hargreave’s invention of the spinning jenny. some of these pressures include: the mechanisation of weaving through the use of power looms, the mechanisation of shearing through the introduction of powered hand pieces […]

  • Land – Laverton

    My methodology for researching land ownership is not necessarily the only way to do land research. Where and when we start with our research depends on the information we have or don’t have. For our current home that is easy. We have the date. We have a place. There is always an element of truth […]

  • Self Interview – a Baulch are you?

    [wpgmza id=”6″] In 1969 Victor Hallett gave me his Baulch family tree papers. Fifteen years earlier he had started gathering information needed to build the family tree for Francis and Enoch Baulch.┬áMaking sense of all the information he had gathered had become just too difficult for him. No wonder. Victor Hallett’s mother and my Grandpa […]