Category: Land Research

  • Land – Laverton

    My methodology for researching land ownership is not necessarily the only way to do land research. Where and when we start with our research depends on the information we have or don’t have. For our current home that is easy. We have the date. We have a place. There is always an element of truth […]

  • Melbourne’s laneways

    This is not a story of my family home but of my volunteer home – the Genealogical Society of Victoria. This is a story about the GSV’s home in the lower basement, or cellar, of 257 Collins Street in Melbourne. Sometimes I am so engrossed in searching for stories amongst the books and memorials of […]

  • Victoria Land Titles – Introduction

    Almost always I have found family stories in Victorian land titles. So where should one start looking? Certainly not by searching current online databases for family historians. Most of the interesting family stories remain buried in files, memorials and research notes in either the Registrar General of Titles’ General Law Library of land titles at Laverton or […]