Category: DNA

  • Autosomal DNA and Probability

    The general wisdom is that matches on autosomal DNA are only accurate for up to four or five generations (or to second cousins). Beyond this limit any matches that may occur probably occur by chance, not by inheritance. This is because there is always the probability that any match of any kind of 5% or […]

  • Y-DNA Baulch

    There are so many genealogical collections readily available these days it is tempting to try them all. Without thought or regard as to a collection’s relevance to the particular information sought. Those collections that are at hand are accessed first. Never mind the other 95% of collections which have yet to be digitised or indexed. […]

  • Britain’s genes

    Traditional family history and genealogy take a back seat. Genes and DNA have taken over. In just three years. I was disappointed when we first received DNA results for a cousin.  Not anymore. I have listened to the presentations about genes and DNA here at the Canberra Congress. We haven’t even scraped the surface yet. This […]

  • Genealogy Do Over – DNA (1)

    The results of my first foray into DNA testing arrived in time for consideration as part of GDO Week 10 DNA considerations. My first request was not for myself nor for my brother but for a cousin of my father’s as she is a direct maternal descendant of my two greats grandmother Lydia Watts. I have […]